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Property Direct and Facultative

Our Property account has a global scope and covers both Open market and Binders (Property and GL).

In the Open market we entertain most occupancies, with the exception of mining, but do have a leaning towards commercial rather than industrial occupancies.

Our binder portfolio leans towards smaller often family-owned agencies. We write both Commercial and Personal Property and also offer CGL cover in the USA.

We constantly review and mine our data. This enables us to provide regular feedback to our brokers which in turn allows us to provide the most effective service to our clients.

We seek to establish long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our brokers by understanding their aims and needs and by providing a high level of service.

Our desire is to be a value added market, developing new ideas and income streams, with our distribution partners.

We have a wealth of experience within our team and are happy to travel to support our brokers in the development of new relationships and business.

Our Property Direct and Facultative Team are located at Box 133 on Gallery 1 and 183 on Gallery 1 at Lloyd's. Specifically the Binder Team, Gareth and Gary, at Box 183 and The Open Market Team, Conor, Will & Jessica, Box 133.