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Accident and Health

Antares’ new Accident & Health division is a specialist, multinational insurer and reinsurer in the best tradition of Lloyd’s. Our underwriting focuses on group and individual accident and sickness business, often connected to travel, particularly through long-term coverholder relationships. We can provide lead terms or provide capacity in a follow role. We can develop bespoke wordings that suit a customers’ needs and create white label products in support of our distribution partners. Our coverage is uniquely supported by a range of speciality services which extend our group and individual policies to give insureds the additional peace of mind that standard policies don’t provide, and add tremendous value to our coverholder’s offerings.

Strong distribution relationships are our lifeblood. We are believers in the power of relationships and see this as fundamental to our business development. We prefer to lead business and can take lines of 100% if desired, however we also welcome subscription business. We are a tight-knit team that makes decisions quickly, without referral to distant managers.

Rather than searching for reasons why we cannot write a risk, we prefer to find ways in which we can. We understand that in our speciality area, standard wordings often don’t suit specific customers’ needs, so we can always try to work towards developing policies to meet their needs. We have a good range of appetite for a variety of risks, and currently underwrite employees across a number of occupations, armed security personnel,climbers attempting the summits of the worlds highest peaks , sports professionals and ships crew.

Our focus is on coverholder relationships, where we have the support of an excellent delegated Underwriting function, affinity groups, and membership schemes and we are intent on delivering solutions to new and existing customers, clients and brokers.We aim to grow our new division to develop a diverse book, spread geographically and by risk type and we plan to increase our presence internationally. Above all, however, our goal is always to examine risks carefully to find appropriate, often bespoke solutions that help individuals and groups to achieve the confidence that they are properly insured for the often unusual personal risks they face.  We also have dedicated claims adjuster, Andre Guthrie.

Our appetite for accident and health insurance risks is wide ranging and we have particular expertise in the following areas: 
>Binding Authorities, Open market business, Lineslip prior submit business, White Labelled Products and MGA support.

From those we can offer varying types of schemes or for individuals such as:
>Self-employed persons
>Small to medium sized companies
>Seconded employees overseas
>Charity workers
>Staff schemes which can be paid for by monthly salary deduction
>Oil and Gas or other offshore installation workers
>Cabin Crew
>Schemes for employment sectors (ie. public entities)
>Union based or approved schemes for workers
>Key person cover
>Amateur sports for teams and individuals either for adult or junior

Key features

>Accident limit of £5 million any one person and £20 million any one event
>Medical expenses limit of £10 million any one person
>Travel personal liability limit of £5 million any one person In addition to the standard benefits, we also offer:

Group Personal Accident:

>Hospital and convalescence
>Home modification
>Loss of enjoyment of life
>Optical Injury 
>Urgent Expenses following Death 
>Recruitment Costs
>Retraining costs

Group business Travel:

>Political & natural disaster evacuation
>Car Hire excess waiver
>Scheduled Airline failure
>Funeral expenses
>Hospital in-patient expenses
>Medical expenses costs on return to country of domicile (for in-patient treatment only as a direct result of the incident suffered overseas)
>Non travelling partner accidental death
>Children’s fund

Our Accident And Health Team are located at Box 183, 11.00–13.00 & 15.00–16.30 on Gallery 1 at Lloyd's.

  • Exemplary service
  • Unique coverage add-ons
  • Swift access to key decision makers and extremely fast turn-around
  • A broad risk appetite and a can-do attitude
  • Work with and Introduce you to other Classes of business at Antares