Code of Ethics

Ethical behaviour underpins the way we behave, do business and treat one another. Our values determine our behaviour and we must support and uphold them so that they are an integral part of day to day life. This code aims to guide our actions and those of people with whom we work closely, encouraging a way of working which is honest, responsible and respectful, generating trust. We ensure that the standards in this code are communicated to and understood by them.


  • We are open and honest and try to act fairly;
  • We comply with legal, regulatory and licence requirements;
  • We do not tolerate corruption in any form, whether direct or indirect;
  • We compete vigorously, but honestly, observing proper standards of market conduct;
  • We respect the confidentiality of information disclosed to us in confidence;
  • High standards of corporate governance are integral to the way we manage our business.


  • We treat people with fairness, respect and decency;
  • We help employees to develop their potential;
  • We do not discriminate on any grounds other than the ability to work effectively;
  • We provide healthy, safe and secure work environments.

Environment and Community

  • We contribute to the social and economic well-being of those communities where we are an employer;
  • We listen to neighbouring communities and take account of their interests;
  • We work to minimise the adverse environmental impact of our business operations.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Anti Modern Slavery Statement

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